Saturday, September 13, 2008

I can't wait to share our recent New Mexico experiences and photos with you but our much neglected garden is calling to me, so I'll have to leave it for another time...See you then!
Hi there! I'll start, after my very long blog hiatus, by sharing with you some of the jewelry pieces I've created over the past 6 months...

This is a bracelet I made quite some time ago...It is the Crystal 'Splosion bracelet and one of my favorite designs. I learned it from Bonnie Mountain in her class at Bodacious Beads in Hillsboro. I used Swarovski crystals (approx 290 of them!) and seed beads in this one.

This is my Retro Sequin 'Splosion bracelet, which is the same pattern as the bracelet above, and was made with two different sizes of vintage sequins & seed beads.

This is the same pattern again but created with metal flower sequins, tiny round sequins and seed beads.

I learned this pattern from Tina Koyama in one of her classes at Bead Expo at the Portland Convention Center a few months ago. It is a little difficult to see it in this photo (click on the photo to view a larger version) but the center area is very 3-dimensional. This is created by using a great deal of tension while beading. Tina is a master at this so, if you want to learn to make this bracelet, I highly recommend a class with her.

This is one that I get so many compliments on! I just recently learned how to make it from my friend, Cyndi Uhlin, and it was made with dagger beads on a seed bead base...

And, last but not least, I took a metal-smithing class with Barbara Kennedy at Bodacious Beads recently, and this is my very first attempt at making a sterling silver lentil bead. Actual size is about 5/8". It was a lot of fun using files, flux and a torch...all new tools for me!

Speaking of new creations...The Portland Art Collective group I belong to met this past week to start planning our Open Doors 2008 Show and Sale, and our postcard (created by Robin Olsen, Lorraine Jones and her husband Scott Jones) is beautiful again this year. Take a look, and be sure to click on the small image to get a closer look at the artwork and information!

Hasn't everyone created really wonderful pieces of artwork...and this is just the proverbial tip of the iceburg! It's going to be an event to remember, so be sure to mark Dec. 5th (11am - 8pm) and Dec. 6th (11am - 5pm) on your calendars!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hi Everyone! I've been absent here for quite a while but have recently been re-inspired to post due to a trip to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Will post pics of our trip soon and also of the various art projects that have evolved over the past several months!