Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, here I finally am...not with New Mexico pics, as I haven't gotten to going through all of them yet. I do have some photos of some of the work I created at Art & Soul 2008 a few weeks ago, though. I really enjoyed learning to work with beads on metal with Beverly Gilbert & to practice whimsical drawing with Carla Sonheim in their workshops. Here are some pics of the fun stuff we did in Carla's Practicing Whimsy workshop...

These were splotches of color Carla radomly placed on pieces of paper, & gave them to us to see what we could create with them...This was the day before we added our new little chocolate lab, Charlie Brown to our family, & the 4th picture down from the top looks a little like him...See pics of Charlie below, & click on the link to Kingsland Labs (where Charlie was born) in the links section!

Here is another set of drawings created with water color and an 05 Micron pen in Carla's workshop, using a little wooden dog prop as the subject...I think I really had dogs on the brain, don't you?!

If I had it to do again, I wouldn't include the back leg in the drawing above, even though it was viewable by me when I was drawing...I think it makes the pic look too cluttered in that area, and the pup looks sort of distorted.

Be sure to click on Carla's link in the links section to see her wonderful work!

I am in the process of altering the beads on the metal piece Beverly Gilbert helped me create in her Beads On Metal workshop, and I hope to upload a photo of it this coming week.

Be sure to click on Beverly's link in the links section to see some of her great creations!

I have also created some other jewelry since I last posted, and I will get photos of these pieces up as soon as time allows...Although I wouldn't trade little Charlie Brown for anything, house training a puppy is time-consuming and exhausting! :~O

And speaking of the little sweetie, here are some photos Ron took of Charlie about a week ago at 9 weeks old...

Our favorites are the photo above and the one below because they show the imp in our little Charlie Brown!


Leigh said...

Okay..he is just tooo cute!! How are your cats taking it?

Lynn Nicole said...

Mia, our cat, is taking it pretty well as long as Charlie Brown keeps his distance! :~)

shebaduhkitty said...

that is one seriously cute pup!

(fellow joggles classmate!) ~waves~

Lynn Nicole said...

Thanks fellow joggles classmate! Will post some more recent photos sometime soon.